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About Services Testimonials Contact Us Friends Projects After 30 years in business travel management, meetings and events and marketing I have started my own company. In the past I have supported many companies with their business travel, meeting and events and marketing and communications needs. Now I am offering this from my own company. For SMEs, NGOs and globally operating corporates I deliver end to end consulting in business travel management, meetings and events and marketing.

My projects focus on delivering analysis of processes and optimisation of these. I implement global travel management solutions, payment solutions, and technology to support the digital transformation of my clients. I also support their change management with bespoke communications packages. Regularly I organise meetings, event and conferences for corporates and associations. I am a keynote speaker a moderator and a master class teacher.

About Testimonials Contact Us Services Friends Projects --- As a Partner within the TMC Group I offer end to end Business Travel Management Consulting services with a clear focus on digitalisation, ease of use and procurement best practices.

Another passion of mine is creating unforgettoble moments. As a former Managing Director for the globally renowned MCI Group and event location manager in Zurich I have delivered more than 500 events in all shapes, sizes and contexts.

I also enjoy moderating sessions or full day events, giving keynote speeches and I loved giving master students something memorable to discover while teaching at Austria‘s number one business school IMC FH Krems.

Incentive, Mauritius, 220 guests, global medical technology leader: from pre-production to onsight delivery back to post-production. Including all logistics and financial planning and handling. Concert aftershow party, Zurich, 1000 guests, Massive Attack: after a sold out show at the Hallenstadion we shuttled the band and tour management into the Club ToniMolkerei that I managed. Daddy G played a spectacular three hour set while all the others partied with our guests. It was such a great night that 3D was still talking about it when they played The Gurten Festival later on that year. Daddy G came
back to play 6 months later and eventually hooked me up with Neneh Cherry’s management. Result being that when Neneh and her family came to Switzerland for winter holidays she did a show as well!
About Services Testimonials Contact Us Friends Projects

"Dominic is an inspiring entrepreneur and leading influential executive in the area of MICE and business travel. He's engaging and easy to work with, listens and acts on ideas, empowers and enthuses. I can see why with over 30 years of experience in various executive positions in the airline, MICE and marketing industry, he is a trusted player in the field of business travel management and event management. I highly recommend Dominic to you."

Chris J. “Mohawk” Reed
"Dominic embodies the qualities of a multicultural, multilingual proven manager, planner and traveler. He offers lots of experience, is a truly likeable person and a great networker. I've worked alongside Dominic for 2 years and during that time I've seen him taking on a multitude of responsibilities, from business development to team coaching and from business management to project planning. His positive spirit is infectious and and I have really enjoyed working with him."

Jurriaen Sleijster
"I met Dominic during the Procurement transformation at Takeda. As the Global Category Manager for Travel he inherited a highly fragmented LOC centric program. Through a series of regional workshops he crafted a global strategy that reduced the number of travel agencies from 65 down to 2 and set the foundations for the eventual move to 1 global supplier. Dominic always begins with the end in mind, and gains grass roots support to ensure success."

Alan Salter
"I had the privilege of being an executive leadership coach and consultant to Dominic and his peers and was struck by his deep integrity and authenticity, two of his many qualities that make him not just a great business partner but also a great person. His expertise, passion and vision for the industry is unmistakeable and honed over many years of executive leadership. He is a solution finder and brings strategic foresight that is essential in today's fast-changing world. If you have any questions, interest or challenges in this area, reach out to Dominic."

Wayne Alexander
"It has always been a pleasure working together with Dominic as he is straightforward, professional and very knowledgeable. In combination with the ability to share knowledge and building partnerships this creates always great experiences."

Pascal Struyve
"Dominic is a totally inspirational person to work with. His knowledge of his subject matter is unbounded, and he also really cares: wanting the very best outcome for everyone around him. He's also a lot of fun, and he is well organised but also has the confidence to let his colleagues perform at their best without over-managing them. In short, Dominic is someone who gets things done, gets them done well and leaves your really happy you have been part of his team."

Amon Cohen
"It has always been a pleasure when I had business dealings with Dominic. He has always been focused on finding success for everyone in a way that delivers benefits that you might not have considered. Dominic's passion for attaining the best comes through in these business dealings and I welcome the chance for us to again work together."

Greeley Koch
"Dominic is an Amazing Human who I have had the absolute pleasure to work with in a professional capacity and also to get to know as a friend. On the professional level I have been very lucky to be invited by Dominic to support one of his Travel Industry events. I knew we would get on from the very first moment that we met, and we both are avid supporters of helping to raise awareness and education around mental health (and in particular in the travel industry). I have no hesitation to recommend Dominic to anyone that is seeking someone with absolute commitment and dedication to their work. Dominic is a top man and I have great respect and time for him"

Matthew Holman
"Dominic is a coalition builder with a caring passion. He and I first met when Takeda Security was looking for a travel safety tracker and related services and invited his organization to provide a business proposal. While his company did not win the business with us, we won the ultimate prize when he joined Takeda as part of the travel procurement team. Dominic was an immediate and impressive supporter and ally of our global security team. He helped us tremendously with his thought leadership and ability to help us find solutions that kept our travelers safe and travel efficient while minimizing unnecessary costs. He was also a great ambassador and host when our Travel Safety Council met in Switzerland on multiple occasions. Dominic is a great asset to any organization and a person you can not only respect, but also develop a friendship."

Scott Maxson, CPP - Life Certified (Ret)
"I worked with Dominic for almost a year, he was a client of mine. What an absolute pleasure to work with him - I have enjoyed our meetings and catch ups, and also working on his account. Dominic is a friendly person who knows what he wants and will go far in his content outreach plans. I wish Dominic the most success in future business."

Catherine B.
"It was great to work with Dominic while he were both part of a Global Procurement team at Takeda. Through the years and many projects I have seen Dom managing, I have been always impressed by his superior ability to master and nurture meaningful relationships at work, generating value for his stakeholders while looking for breakthrough and innovative solutions. I enjoyed a lot seeing Dom managing especially highly complex projects, where he displayed consistent leadership behaviors and a high sense of respect and understanding of any cultural differences. All spiced up with a great sense of humour which helped make every day at work also fun and enjoyable. As a team member or in a leadership position, Dom surely earns my highest recommendation."

Nicolò Orbello
"I worked with Dominic whilst he was running MCI's Zurich office. He is highly adaptable, encouraging, and supportive and an effective leader. I recommend Dominic as a leader not only for his business acumen and Airline industry knowledge but also for his empathetic style. I am sure any client team will continue to grow under his vision, guidance and leadership."

Simon Dufaur
"I had the pleasure of working with Dominic for two years when he was the Managing Director of our Zurich Office. I really appreciated our exchanges and has always been impressed by his vision and his capacity to translate that vision into concrete business plans. His personality is also very nice. He has great values and a great sense of humor."

Isabelle Deniaud Lassara
"A big part of success in business comes from developing and managing relationships, and this is an area where I have seen Dominic excel. In working with him in Takeda, I was impressed with his ability to use technical knowledge, warm personality and humor to manage and leverage relationships to get things done. It was a pleasure working with him."

Randal Potter
"It was a great experience to deploy projects along side Dominic! A true partner in balancing the global and regional views of procurement, while delivering value to business. His way of taking a balanced approach and connecting with the different teams stands out and was a great colleague to work with."

Leonardo Brandão Benetti
"Dominic is very intercultural and competent. He managed to get into the deep knowledge even he had to managed a vast territory."

Victor Cheng
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